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Mengenal Motivation Letter, Esai untuk Promosi Diri

Motivation Letter atau biasa disebut dengan Statement of Purpose  adalah sebuah surat yang menjelaskan tentang mengapa kita ingin mengikuti sesuatu. Esai tersebut merupakan hal yang dapat dikatakan wajib hadir dalam list persyaratan mendapatkan beasiswa atau sebuah program yang memerlukan proses seleksi. Dalam membuat sebuah motivation letter yang baik, kita harus bisa membuatnya secara terstruktur, sistematis dan masif dan rapi serta dapat menuangkan isi hati kita kedalam tulisan. Memang tidak mudah membuat motivation letter yang baik karena setidaknya harus memiliki sense of writing (Pengalaman menulis) dan evaluasi tulisan di lain hari.

Sekarang kita akan mengintip sedikit bagaimana sih cara menulis Motivation Letter yang baik. Kebetulan saya pernah mencoba menulis sebuah motivation letter dan Alhamdulillah dapat diterima. Teori penulisan saya intip dari sebuah website yang sangat bagus, Wikihow. Berikut link-nya : http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Statement-of-Purpose. Pada link tersebut dijabarkan tentang 3 step dan beberapa sub-step yang sangat detail dan memiliki contoh setiap stepnya. Baca bahasa inggris sedikit gapapa ya :D.

Lalu saya juga akan berbagi sebuah motivation letter untuk seleksi pertukaran pelajar yang kampus saya adakan (Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya) ke National Institute of Technology, Anan College (NIT-AC) Jepang. Ya walaupun sebenernya aku heran juga kenapa bisa lolos padahal dulu masih belum bisa bahasa inggris dan hanya bermodalkan percaya diri dan evaluasi tulisan selama tiga hari lebih.

The Example of Motivation Letter

My name is Tegar Imansyah and currently study in Mechatronics Engineering (undergraduate degree) at Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya. This is my second year here and I’m very excited about the short-term JASSO scholarship program. I am applying for the exchange because I would like to experience myself how does the academic atmosphere in Japan, the world-known electric leading country. I have a big dream to become a professor and inventor of technology. One of the best step I have taken to reach my dream is study in mechatronics engineering. In mechatronics engineering, I can learn about mechanics, manufacturing, electronics, and my favorite, control all of them with my program. But, I realized that I was lacking one thing. The idea to invent something. I think, if we can go around the world, check for the unique culture, psychology and technology, we can get unlimited idea of invent. This reasoning that make me try to be part of this program.

Born as an only child and moved around a residence when I was little made me lonely and spend more time to read books. I love to do things themselves and are autodidact. And when I started high school I often interact with many people due to organizations that I follow. Now that I have entered into college, I took a few research studies, competitions and an organization. Of course, this is hard to manage my time and understand some of the lessons at once. But hard is not impossible. I’m very happy bring myself for my big dream but still have a lot of new friends.

After I finish the Student Exchange program, I will return to my country and share whether experience that I get in Japan. I will gather all of my friend and make a study club so the knowledge flow doesn’t stop. Such as studying in polytechnics in general, we don’t study with only theory but with practice. We will choose a topic, invent some technology and offer to world.

There are all of me that I can talk here. Thank you very much for spending your time and attention to read my motivation letter. Thank you for this opportunity.I believe that your program will enrich my experience and open my mind. I very excited if you want to send me a message.

Tegar Imansyah